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This course can no longer be booked.

Magical Awakening® Certification

Levels 1 – 9. Each level is held separately. Call for more time slots.

  • Ended
  • $200 per level.
  • Online Class via Zoom

Service Description

If available times are not convenient, please contact Beth for a time more suitable for you. Special classes may be added. Practitioners who learn just the first level of this ten-level system gain skills far beyond what even most Reiki Masters can do, sending energy to large groups of people simultaneously and at a distance. Based on an ancient concept in Celtic Shamanism called the Three Cauldrons, or primary energy wheels, the first level of Magical Awakening® awakens these three energetic wheels within our own energy system, allowing us to harness energy from them to heal ourselves and others. Beth is one of only ten teachers, worldwide, who teach this amazing energy system. She teaches levels 1 through 9. Attend a workshop to learn this powerful system! Magical Awakening® Level 1 Certification - Dragon Fire, The Holy Grail, Arthur’s Crown Magical Awakening® Level 2 Certification - Enchantment of the Elements, Mists of Avalon, Merlins Wand Magical Awakening® Level 3 Certification - Excalibur, Magical Jewels of the Grail Magical Awakening® Level 4 Certification - Damsels of the Wells, Lady of the Lake, The Lake Magical Awakening® Level 5 Certification - Magical Jewels of the Crown, Magical Jewels of the Dragon, Grail Magic, Dragon Magic, Crown Magic, Electric Sword of Light, The Divine Bell, Divine Light of the Grail Magical Awakening® Level 6 Certification - Enchantments Upgrade, Eighth Dimensional Crystal of Nothingness, Merlin’s Magic Mirror, Elixir of The Grail Magical Awakening® Level 7 Certification - Multi-Dimensional Yes, Lady of the Lake’s Crystal of Awakening, Alchemy of the Grail, Heavenly Ball of Light, Angels Dancing Through The Grail, Dragons Roaring Through The Grail, Awakening Dust, The Leprechauns of Light Magical Awakening® Level 8 Certification - Lady of the Lake’s Silver Web of Light, Crystal of Divine Marriage, Merlins Spark, Merlin’s Song, Lady of the Lake’s Song, The Ark of the Covenant, Celtic Knot, Divine Breath, Gemstone of Excalibur, Pool of Light, Pool of Color, Pool of Sound, Divine Harp, Blue Electricity Magical Awakening® Level 9 Certification - Book of Magic, Divine Pearl, Divine Flame, The Many Folds of the Universe That Allow Us To Be Together at This Space & Time, Karma Thread, Universal Rainbow, Universal Diamond.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or re-schedule, please contact Beth with at least 24 hours notice. Cancellations within one hour will not be refunded. Weekly Singing Bowls Sessions will not be refunded unless it was paid with the Special Price Coupon of 4-Session for $40.

Contact Details

845 764-3258

Bradenton, FL, USA

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